Is Instagram Pro Worth the Investment for Marketers?

Marketers are always on the lookout for tools with a high return - Instagram Pro seems to be one of those opportunities. One of the big positives regarding Instagram Pro is their analytics. It gives you in-depth look into engagement rates, follower demographics and content performance. Companies that use the analytics tools show 25% higher engagement rates, proving how important data-driven decisions are in social media marketing.

While the cost of Instagram Pro varies, a small investment has potential for big payouts. A monthly $30 subscription could offer access to the type of tools that assist in content scheduling, ad management and audience targeting. Research by Social Media Examiner suggests that companies get a 30% increase in ROI when they use advanced social media tools, instead of basic ones.

If we rely a little bit on industry nomenclature; this is how Instagram Pro can help both in "content scheduling" and 'ad management'. Scheduling content means that your posts are going out when the majority of people are likely to see it, and this can lead to a 20% increase in follower growth. Using ad management tools guarantees better targeting and performance tracking to spend money more efficiently on ads.

A tell-tale practical example of the benefits this tool would provide is here. But actually the increase in sales was 15% after three months of using Instagram Pro for that Medium E-Commerce businesses. They were able to analyze post performance and optimize on what ad strategy worked best, therefore reaching a more broad audience that was much more engaged; resulting directly in higher sales.

Gary Vaynerchuk, the marketing guru, recently said that there is no better way to excel in operations than data. Data is your roadmap to success," he says. Without it, you are out there flying without a wing. That is what Instagram Pro offers, information that can be used to change a subjective decision process, into an objective and actionable insight.

Meanwhile, Instagram Pro offers tools such as influencer management solutions for finding and working with influencers to promote a brand. In fact, according to Influencer Marketing Hub the businesses that have been using influencer marketing are growing at 20% in terms of brand awareness and even experienced a lift of up to 15% on sales. This helps marketers identify the right influencers more efficiently and track campaign performance so they can maximize results from their campaigns.

Another important factor is efficiency. In the app, from one dashboard marketer can control several of their accounts and have 40% fewer switches. This time efficiency would translate into a better focus on creating solid content and engaging with the audience.

The ROI with Instagram Pro can be just tremendous. Buffer says 20% ROI is indicated with advanced social media tools, such as Instagram Pro. This growth in revenue is due to increased engagement, better conversion rates and more productive marketing campaigns made possible by advanced functionalities potentially available within the platform.

Going through the benefits of Instagram Pro for marketers, it is highly possible that using this can largely help in improving your marketing efforts which in turn stimulate and push up business growth. With advanced analytics features, ad management and influencer tools the platform covers everything businesses need for having successful social media strategies. Instagram Pro is a... savvy financial decision targeting marketers seeking to make the most of their money and organize themselves across various social media platforms. For in-depth tips and to start using these tools, head to instagram pro.

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